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who we are

plot twist entertainment is a multi-platform, video-led, branded entertainment storyteller. 


We are storytellers. We have built our careers making digital, film and TV series. For over twenty-five years we have been a major player in the entertainment industry.  We have created, developed or produced more than thirty series for over twenty networks and studios.

We are brand friendly. We are the team behind the many branded projects, including the award-winning, multi-seasoned, @Summerbreak for AT&T that has racked up over 510 Million views


We have lived the Hollywood dream. We have won awards (Directors Guild, Streamy, Shorty). And we have learned the secrets to making great entertainment.

Creativity, innovation, and storytelling are the hallmarks of our productions. Our mission is to tell stories in the most engaging way possible to connect with an audience and combine artistic vision with savvy and compelling content. No matter the project we create a cinematic vision that propels a great story.

We believe in a balance between creative vision and respecting the budget. We hire only the best names in the business from PAs to Line Producers. We expect the best out of our team and they expect great leadership out of us.

We believe in a fair, but hard working environment. We support diversity and equal pay for all our employees. We create a community when in production and it supports each other during long days and complicated shoots.

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