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why produce your own series

The writing is on the wall.                    

The future of storytelling is with the BRANDS.

A Case Study of AT&T's @SummerBreak

@Summerbreak Case Study
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Traditional media is limited. Brands deserve a better value for their entertainment investments than the market is currently offering. The one-off content that many marketers are producing today is just noise, but episodic content can help a brand cut through the clutter by making a consistent offering of content that ideally informs AND entertains.


Consumers demand it. Consumers are seeking videos with high production value and an emphasis on storytelling. Potential customers have the ability to recognize inauthentic messaging, which is why you must forge genuine engagement.


Brands control the message. Brands control their message while improving their marketing capabilities.  Brands can now take control of the data science and distribution behind their video content, creating a more comprehensive experience that offers more value to the business and its customers.  Brands also have the ability to create and distribute your series with complete autonomy.  It has never been more effective or efficient then right now.


Brands are the new content distributers. We have a proven distribution formula to get the attention of your customers, get them to watch, engage and then share.  It’s an elaborate content marketing play that employs the power of compelling stories to build stronger brand connections with viewers.


We are seasoned Executive Producers. Hundreds of millions of people have watched our shows.  We know how to capture mass audiences, tell them a great story and able to bring them back wanting more.


* Episodic - which refers to a single narrative developed over multiple segments.